Bettericons is designed using 16px grid, which is the standard size of web application. Bettericons come with 2 kind of styles, that are solid and line so that will fit for all projects. With simple design, yet bold enough to grab attention will enhance usability and leave a lasting impression.

Icon Grid

The icon is designed on 16px grid to accommodate both line and solid icons.

This icon grid is used to facilitate consistency and establish a clear set of rules for the positioning of graphic elements.



Basic shapes are the foundation of the grid, which include; squares, rectangles (horizontal and vertical) and circles.

By using these core shapes as guidelines will create consistent proportions throughout the icons.

Shapes Grid

Line Style

Line Style Icon

The icon is build with a centered 1px stroke to create consistency within the icons. 1px radius corner is used to establish the natural shape of an object. The endpoints are round cap to add optimism to the icons.

We believe that rounded corners are not only easier for our eyes to process, but they also make information easier to process.

Solid Style

Solid Style Icon

The icon is created by focusing on a clean and professional aesthetic.

1 px negative space with 90° angle gives firm and professional look. 1px radius corner in each core shape and 0.5 px in the other make icon still smooth even on a large scale. 2 px weight is given so that the icon keeps consistent with the bold theme.